Studs of Porn

Studs of Porn

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eva Tested and Tasted feat. Gavln Sona

Hey all my tested tasted series is back now that my RL work is dying down thanks to all the summer tourists heading back to their winter homes..:) So i had this outfit that kinda made me think dark cat eyes look with mascara, a lap dance and a man.. so Gavln got to be the lucky man... but dont worry i will be doing more !

Here it is ... enjoy

you know you want to see more!!! take the jump see what happens next ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Studs of Porn Gallery

Those sexy Studs and Studesses have been busy lately.  Here's some highlights for you!

"Le Boxeur" by Drey

"Naked Bear" by Drey With Tek
"Math Class" With DarkAngel by Mallie

Alexander and Acey by Alex

"Beach Snack" by Ryu with Moonie

"Hard Getting Cheeky" by Spirit

"3 Some With Margarita and Krystal" by Mack
"Fall Makeover" by Ivori

"Figure it Out" by Moon
"Fun with Friends" by SuzieJane

"Clone Tribe" by Erika

Keep posting your pictures of the Studs and Studesses on the Studs of Porn Flickr page to get them featured here.  Be sure the subjects are members of the Studs of Porn group in SL. 

Hugs & Kisses,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Rezz Day Fun!

So a few days ago i celebrated my Rezz  Day .. and to do this i invited a STud of porn to come play with me and my girl...Thank you to Logan O'Leary for making my Rezz Day a very fun one,,, and to Emma..your the greatest...xo

Photos by Eva Brunswick ( in the photos with me Logan O'Leary and Emmanuelle Jameson)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Studesses of Porn - Gallery Update

Nothing compares to the sexiest t-girls, trannies and herms in our Studesses of Porn gallery.  It's always a pleasure to feature these ladies on the blog!

Starting out we have Moon and Suzie Jane showing their sultriness with these portraits as Erika waits for her ride home in a dripping pool of happiness!  Rhiannon is hanging out at Angel's beach at a shoot and Ivori is posing for Re-Anaconda.  The Egyptian Herm Goddess Herika is absolutely stunning and oddly familiar!  Then, we have Erika again spending a lazy afternoon with Lady Runo while Suzie Jane gives her princess a loving hug.  Last, but not least, we have the very talented Ivori giving us a hint to what's in store for Titi.  Looks like she might be in trouble and we all know how Ivori likes to punish!

"As I am" by Moon

"Me" by Suzi Jane

"Going back home" by Erika

"Angel's Beach" by Rhiannon

"Re-Anaconda" by Ivori

"Herika - Egyptian Herm Goddess" by Erika
"A lady's lazy afternoon" by Erika with Lady Runo

"My princess" by Suzi Jane

"Titis in trouble" Ivori's Porntoon
Thank you all for your posting your smoking hot shots of the Studesses of Porn for us to enjoy!  Remember, if you want to post pictures in the SOP Flickr and be featured in the Blog, you need to be a member of SL Studs of Porn group. 

Hugs and Kisses,

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Studs of Porn - Gallery Update

It's been a while since I had a chance to get to the SOP Blog and show you some of the amazing shots our members have been putting out on the SOP Flickr page.  I am just loving the variety of shots being submitted.  I'm sure you will too!

Tonight's posting is packed with Pornstars, Studs and tons of sexy fun!  We have the infamous Mr. and Mrs. Rust seen with Jadelyn.  Then Sam and Be are hanging around again.  Nak's showing off for the Happy Ass Monday challenge as well as Bane.  Kyle went to Nevada and is hanging outside of Vegas.  Sam is hanging around looking for a playmate. Drey hooks up with Brandi and Nak feeds Zyn her morning sausage. Sexy Ayara takes on Nak and Tosh in a fun three-come while Rosa and Edvard have some fun on their Apocalyptic adventure. Jeremy does a hot Sunday morning wake-up call while Ryu gets some attention from Bestie.  For the fun and games tonight, we have Acey in the Navy with Nak, Dean and Trysten.  Then Nak does a visual of SL versus Reality.  I'm hoping he's not talking about himself there.

"Quite the Handful" By Spirit with Hard and Jadelyn

"Hanging On" by Sam with Be

"Happy Ass Monday" by Nak

"Outside of Las Vegas" by Kyle

"Sammy Needs a Playmate" by Sam Hanks

"Happy Ass Monday" by Bane
"Serviced" By Drey with Brandi

"Sausage in the Mornin" by Nak

"Threesome with Nak & Tosh" by Ayara

"Apocalypse" By Rosa with Edvard

"Sunday Morning Awakening" By Jeremy

"Bestie" by Ryu
"In the Navy" by Acey with Dean, Nak and Trysten

Nak's SL v. Reality Visual Conception
Thank you everyone for posting your hot pics to the Studs of Porn Flickr.  Remember, you need to be a member in the SL Studs of Porn group to post pictures on the Flickr and get them featured here!

Stay tuned for the next posting of the sultry and ever naughty Studesses of Porn!

Hugs & Kisses,