Studs of Porn

Studs of Porn

Monday, April 6, 2015

Extra Easter Treat Gallery

So as promised I wanted to see a little bit extra for the final day of Easter, and we have a double helpings of Easter, and I hope you like the treats i have come up with *smiles*


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Gallery

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and dont eat too much chocolate eggs :)...This is just a little selection of the Studs and Studettes bringing much colour and well Happy Easter and have a truly special day.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cock Tasting Tour

I been really hungry lately.. wanting something a tad different for my taste buds... so i ventured away from  the  American flare... and.. it was OHHH so GOOD!

(Thank you to Rachel Swallows for providing poses!!)

Thanks to the following people and countries for letting me taste you ;)
Edvard-Croatia, Crow-England, Rocco-Russia, Ivori-Canada, Erika-France, Charles-Spain, Thor-Holland, Rob-Brazil, Alexus-Columbia
and then i got greedy.... and very hungry.. so thanks to Ryu, Cub, Dillon and Whipp for the buffet!

Friday, April 3, 2015

"The Rise" Gallery

Happy Easter and given its Good Friday, well we got to seek a way to find a "rise" somewhere dont we...smiles, hence i have a lovely mixture within our Gallery today for Good Friday from Sasquatch in Tatiana's Am i Sexy Series, Ivori's Totem Pole, Whippedd with Skip Staheli, A Crucifiction with Drey Messner, Talisker rising, Krystal and turtles in various risen positions, ill never think of them in any other way now...hehe, Sexy Butts from Mistico Bayard,Rob Roxley feeling hung,Fritz being part of a dream to a Stonehenge ritual with Iasfy and Rusty Bloom...Hope you enjoy these as much as i liked seeking out them :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

End of the Month Gallery

Since i decided to just wait on more and more spectacular photos to be provided by the wonderful studs and studettes, kind of glad i did...smiles and here im providing just a handful of awesome photos out there on the Studs Flickr group.....again as requested you have all outdone yourself and its good see more and more newer faces coming to the fore, so remember i will not show females only shots, specified criteria Males only, or Couples or T/Girls/Shemales...Sorry girls only...access denied :).

So here be a sexy and delicious set i have put through to the Gallery today.....just a heads up....Easter weekend coming up this weekend, be sure to get those Photos in to the Studs Flickr and then the more easter looking they will be for sure going up into the Gallery...Whatcha waiting for....get snapping sexier the better - be as Easter looking as you wanna...I wanna see the eggs dropping *grins*