Studs of Porn

Studs of Porn

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bud on the beach & Nakuru

Hi guys!

Finally a post from me, it has been a long time since i posted anything here. A few days back i had the pleasure of enjoying a Bud on the beach. The whole set can be seen on my Flickr pages.

Bud on the Beach (complete set)

Thanks to Bud Solo for modelling ;-). Was a blast!

Bud on the Beach


And on last thursdays Pornstar Party at Pink Productions Beach (1-3 pm SLT every thursday), i managed to take this pic of Nakuru Bergamasco.

xox Ayara

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So Sensual and Sexy!

The pictures on the Studs of Porn Flickr are simply amazing.  In a word...yummmmm!  The work being done is extraordinary and the poses our artists are making these days reflect the most intimate moments that we can imagine. 

I start with one of my fav artists, Zaria Velde, seen here with Woozer of OEM in "Lovers Embrace."  A stunning pose and set depicts an amazing scene of the ultimate passion.   

Zaria & Woozer in "Lovers Embrace"

 Be and Daimaju Clowes have several shots in the series called, "Heavenly Demons."

Be with Daimaju Clowes in "Heavenly Demons"

Jackson Greycloak got "Held Up" when he was called into a special "performance review" with Envy Watts.

Envy with Jackson Greycloak in "Held Up"

This smoking hot shot taken by Suna of her and Daimaju in the FAP Series just makes you go "mmmmm"

Suna Squirtella & Daimaju Clowes in "FAP Stories"

Trysten does his magic making this fabulous pose with Moi Moi.   "Use Me. Abuse Me. Fill Me." What more can I say?  Clean Me?

Moi Moi and Trysten in "Use Me. Abuse Me. Fill Me.

An extremely sensual shot with Moon and Gwen called, "It's in the Heels."  I'm not too sure it is in the heels but I do like where it is leading.

Moon and Gwen in "It's in the Heels"

Rachel created this submissive pose, "As Dawn Breaks" depicting a slave with her master. Oh yes, she is posing with her sexy stud, Crow.  Yummm!!!

Rachel and Crow in "As Dawn Breaks"
 Lisa Languish snapped this shot of Darina and Jaidyn for "A Little Foot Fetish."  Such a sexy set of pictures you won't want to miss. 

Darina & Jaidyn in "A Little Foot Fetish" by Lisa aka Vixxen
 The so sexy Jackson is letting Be have a little something in "Tasting."  It's probably a good thing...she looks really hungry!

Be and Jackson Greycloak in "Tasting"

Jackson hanging on in this shot with Ayara as they are "Hanging a Solid 10."  I just want to know how long they hung there.

Jackson and Ayara in "Hanging a Solid 10"

 Lord Bane and Suki in "A Moment" that shows their special bond.

Lord Bane and Suki in "A Moment"

Yours truly posing with Midnight Shinja in his come back porn/erotic shoot, "They Call it Jungle Fever."
Rosa and Midnight Shinja in "They Call it Jungle Fever"

Tatiana Easterwood and Jackson Greycloak share that special moment when you give and receive all that you have to give...and then..."Comfort"  Fabulous job on this pose! 

Tati and Jackson Greycloak in "Comfort"
I know I promised a set for the Studesses tonight, but I realized there wasn't much submitted for them here lately.  I need our photographers and studesses to step up and start submitting some shots for me to feature on the Blog.

I will be looking for some awesome shots from everyone!  Be sure to join the Studs of Porn Flickr Group and the Second Life group.

Hugs & Kisses,


First set in some simple pics i want to do of different guys and tgirls in Studs Group... not all will be black and white.. it will a spur of the moment whatever is in my head...

This Set is Charles Parker

Monday, April 14, 2014

Some Sexy Studs!

Just a few shots of some of our sexy studs! 

Midnight by Rosa
Pria by Rosa

Lord Bane at the Pool


Finn Showing Off His Prize
Keep posting the sexy stud pictures!  Be sure to join the Flickr Group and the Studs of Porn Group in Second Life.

Tomorrow we take a look at some of the sexy studesses and what naughty things they have been up to!

Hugs & Kisses,

Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter Bunnies

Just Toooo Cute!

Be and Studette Robin

Photographer Rachel Swallows

Wicked Creative Studios

Sunday, April 6, 2014

First Time.....

*Little shoot introducing Charles Parker*

            The first time.... ever i saw your face...I thought the sun rose in your eyes..
                              and the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave...
                                          to the dark and the end of the skies

          and the first time ...ever i kissed your mouth...i felt the earth move in my hand..

        like the trembling heart of a captive bird...that was there at my command, my love

                                          and the first time... ever i lay with you...

                                        I felt your heart.. so close to mine.....
            and i knew our joy... would fill the earth....and at last... till the end of love
                                           the first... ever i saw.... your face....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Dirty, Nasty, Sexy...Our T-Girls

Oh they are the dirty, sexy t-girls doing what they do best!

Staring out we have some sexy singles of Mels, Erika and Ivori! Mels just posing showing off her incredible sexiness while Erika is showing off her special skills at Orgy Island!  Ivori thinks she may sound vain but really doesn't care because she is totally in love with her ass!

Sweet Mels in "Moi"

Erika in "Showing off at Orgy Island"

Ivori in "Selfie"
Next, we move onto the nasty, dirty side of the story.  Oh yeah, it's the part we all love!  First up we have Zuby getting comforted in the haystack by Mels. (I think it's Mels. The picture didn't have a name. Correct me if I am wrong).  Next, we see Domino and Carla in afterwards, which means when the shoot is done there is more fun to come!  Then, Moon shows us just how well she takes care of her baby, Gwen.  Zuby tells Moon that she is going to be late, but something tells me it will be worth it!  Kim checks out Mels dipstick while Zuby assists in a smokin hot series, "Oil Change."  Last, we have Kat all tied up and hanging for Erika in a naughty series called, "Submission."
Mels & Zuby in "Comfort in the Haystack"

Domino & Carla in "Afterwards"
Moon & Gwen in "How I Take Care of My Baby"

Moon & Zuby in "I'm gonna be late"

Mels, Zuby & Kim in "Oil Change"

Erika & Kat in "Submission"
Before I close, I just have to share some fun shots by Erika in her series, "Honey, I'm Home."  This fun set features Mirko Panacek, Katina Cazalet, Erika Thorkveld and a special appearance by Marika Blaisdale.  Great job everyone!

Mirko, Kat and Erika

Mirko, Kat & Erika
Mirko, Kat & Marika

Keep posting your shots of the sexy Studesses of Porn in the Flickr Group to have them featured here!  Be sure to add the names of the people in your shots so we can be sure to give them honorable mention!

Hugs & Kisses,