Studs of Porn

Studs of Porn

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Studs: Si De Brit

I love cock. The feel of it growing in my hand, the taste of it in my mouth, the sensation of it swelling and throbbing inside my pussy .... mmmmm, I do! It does make things a little tricky when I'm shooting the guys and I have never shot any that didn't cause my mind to wander, but this cock is one of my favorites!
Oh, and there is a pretty swell guy connected to it :).
Here's St. Patrick's Stud number three, Si De Brit

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St Patrick's Studs: Gavln Sona

Gavln Sona, the second of four Studs for St. Patick's Day.

St Patricks Day Gallery

So Not too much Green, but i think i will trail around Flickr just mainly for my own perusal and benefit really to look out for the green...Yup we have so far have a slice of Green from a set with Domino, but you need some spice of green a lil more, so i found some green with Erika, and then Larry has seemingly been drinking too much of that green stuff by bringing a football team of his into the mix, but wont hold that against him lol, then we have just pure yum delight from Whippedd,Talisker,Sparta,Sam,Graham

Hope you enjoy the few i picked out for you for an early morning trail of St Patricks, i just might seek out some more later for a double helping

Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick's Studs: Sam Hanks

Sam Hanks is the first of four Studs I'll be trotting out here for y'all on this party holiday.

ISSUU Magazine Spotlight

     I like to think that when i made Studs of Porn we can portray all types.. Straight men, gay/bi men and of course we have our Studettes. I know we show alot of our straight men  and Tgirls. Well today
i want to share some links  going the other way.

    Whipp Escher to me is a amazing photographer. I have admired his photos submitted to our groups flickr page.  It seems that I am not the only one admiring him *smiles* Unfortunately i can not uplaod any of his picks to the site here.. but def check out his flickr link and then when you get done checking that out.. check out this Award winning Star in his magazine interview in Manshots

*whispers* now we just need to get him to let us post more of his work on the blog gallery!!
hint hint...

Congrats tho Whipp!!!

Eva Brunswick Curtiss

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Gallery

Now that im seeing variedness into the Studs of Porn flickr group, i can at least choose what i find viable for the Gallery, please remember i wont add you onto the Group if all your gonna do is put in ladies, and if your a T Girl/Shemale then tell me 1st.....i dont pay that much attention at times lol, also Studs is not a place to advertise either and unfortunately i didnt add the pic on flickr that had been advertising another group...but hey ho im only the person adding the pics to the blog...what do i know *winks*

So who do we have as a treat for you well a little bit of everything, Ivori pre Easter treat for us, Ryu using his wife as a cup it seems and drinking from her nectar...*g*..Larry getting a better type of treat at the Cinema,Detron being yum,NoRevenge making out in the rain,Thor being part of Tatis Sexiest,,Traci in the Jungle and The Garden of Zeus with 2 hunky gods....What more can you want on a Tuesday

Have fun and if your doing a great photo, stick it in the Studs of Porn flickr group pool, and if its viable ill add it to the pool and you might find yourself in the Gallery...No harm done im thinking.