Studs of Porn

Studs of Porn

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nude Guys in the Water

I'll never pass one up !
Earlier this year,  I did  a series of portrait style nudes of some of my favorite guys on my island using a mirror water effect.
First up is Jamezz, a frequent target of my lenses the last few months.

Second is Dain, who has unfortunately moved on, he was my go-to model for quite a while.

Last, but not least  is Bud Solo, another frequent model of mine. I also have spent a lot of time modeling for him.

If anyone is interested in doing a series like this, get in contact with me.  I have found some interesting windlights to use with my mirror water effect. The complete sets of these luscious guys can be seen on my Flickr:  Chloe's Flickr.

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